Xineoh is a consumer behaviour predicting platform based out in Johannesburg South Africa. Xineoh uses artificial intelligence to predict consumer behaviour such as who will buy which product and at what price.

The company has raised over $3.5 million in offshore venture capital from several heavyweight investors, including Wade Flemons, a seasoned investment banker, private equity managing director and entrepreneur from Canada.

Xineoh recently appointed a seasoned AI product and sales executive, Herman Scheepers, as Chief Product Officer to accelerate its growth across the continent.


  • Xineoh media recommender – high personalised media recommendation engine
  • Xineoh product recommender- product recommendation engine
  • Xineoh pricer – optimisation solution for pricing
  • Xineoh demand predictor – predicts consumer demand at scale
  • Xineoh inventory optimiser – optimisation tool for current and new inventory
  • Xineoh segmentor – optimisation solution for audience targeting
  • Xineoh anti-churn – optimisation solution for customer experience across the entire customer journey to prevent customer churn.




South Africa


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