UTU Technologies

UTU Technologies is a Nairobi-based blockchain startup building a trust infrastructure for the digital economy on the æternity blockchain. UTU’s goal is to re-invent the online services industry by tokenizing the acquisition of users.

The platform establishes a safe space to securely store and govern data access while providing monetary incentives to users for endorsing trusted service providers.

More specifically. UTU delivers proprietary trust recommendations to centralized and decentralized applications with the aim to disrupt anonymous star ratings and reviews—which have increasingly become less trustworthy and subjective, according to research

Utu participated in Æ Ventures’ Starfleet Accelerator program where they received $200,000 USD in investment and went on to win the Pegasus Tech Ventures Startup World Cup East Africa Prize at the Trescon Global AI Show.  

UTU recently became the first blockchain company from Africa to launch an IDO on Binance DEX.


UTU runs on a graph database, powered by machine learning that is adapted for each user’s unique preferences and trust model.

  • UTU’s technology is built on æternity, an open-source blockchain protocol for building next-generation decentralized applications with high scalability.
  • Provides AI and smart contracts that seamlessly serve up personalized recommendations for trusted service providers—driving better metrics, better outcomes, and better privacy.
  • UTU’s technology is suited for P2P ecommerce, P2P lending, and online professional services.
  • These platforms can use UTU blockchain platform to establish trust and build relationships with client







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