UABA Introduces First Blockchain Association of Zambia

Blockchain Zambia

In a bid to push for the adoption of blockchain technology in Zambia, the United Africa Blockchain Association (UABA) has launched the first Blockchain Association of Zambia.

The news comes after UABA held a meeting in Zambia’s capital, Lusaka that was initiated by the chairperson of UABA, Yaliwe Soko.

Blockchain Zambia

Dubbed ‘Blockchain Zambia’, the association plans to create blockchain awareness across Africa, particularly among women and youth. Its first campaign is called “UABA Reach A Million for Blockchain”—which aims to educate people in the region about blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Dominic Kapalu, the newly appointed chairperson of Blockchain Zambia said:

“We agreed to come up with an association to be headed by a Chairperson and Directors who will choose to operate where their strength lies.”

Blockchain Zambia will also roll out an education campaign called “Blockchain 101 Train a Trainer”. The training program aims to initiate innovation and explore opportunities for blockchain projects in Africa. Coin Intelligence, a UABA partner organisation, will prepare the Blockchain Zambia team for the education awareness campaign.

“UABA is honoured to officially welcome Blockchain Zambia. This is the beginning of UABA cross-pollination of our mandate across Africa”, said Yaliwe, adding that the association expects “to see explosive growth in Zambia”.

On blockchain adoption and use cases in Zambia, Yaliwe said:

“We have noticed that all the countries around us are developing in the blockchain space but we are not. We intend to bring our government up to speed about the benefits of Blockchain use cases. We intend to be the organization that will be at the forefront educating the masses on the blockchain technology.”

Raising blockchain awareness

Zambia, like many African nations, is experiencing slow adoption of blockchain mainly due to lack of general awareness and inadequate skillsets around the technology. Because of its nascent nature, very few people have the skills to support distributed ledger technology in Africa. On top of that, the majority of the public is still not aware of the existence and potential use of this technology.

Before the general adoption is possible in Africa and the rest of the world, members of the public must understand the difference between bitcoins, other cryptocurrencies, and blockchain. This is one of the primary objectives of many Blockchain Associations formed in Africa, including Blockchain Zambia.

Although there is little awareness about blockchain among many African nations, recent developments across the region show that there’s an increased willingness to use the technology. For instance, the Zambian government partnered with Medici Land Governance (MLG) last year to build a blockchain land registry system. MLG is the blockchain-powered property rights subsidiary of Overstock.

In Uganda, meanwhile, the East African nation recently announced it is working on a blockchain solution that will help the government to combat the distribution and sale of counterfeit medicines across the country.

Like any technological innovation, the blockchain will continue to evolve. Yes, there may be challenges, but they are not obstacles. Right now, the main focus has to be making this disruptive technology widely available.

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