Seso Global

Seso blockchain

Seso Global is a blockchain platform aiming to revolutionize Nigeria’s real estate industry using distributed ledger technology. The fintech company is based in Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, and England.

Seso Global offers a blockchain powered mortgage registry and real estate platform that connects stakeholders in a property market and enables them to make trusted transactions.

Seso allows users to query property information, contract land service providers such as lawyers and estate surveyors, apply for a mortgage and buy a property.

Seso is partnering with leading property developers, mortgage lenders and service providers in Nigeria to unlock the secured home lending market in Africa’s largest economy.


  • Property buying – The platform allows customers to purchase trusted properties securely and in real-time.
  • Property selling – Seso offers a simple and effective platform for property developers and owners to manage, market and sell their properties
  • Banking – Banks can reduce their risks by lending mortgage products with confidence
  • Land service providers – Regulated professionals, lawyers, surveyors and property valuers can also use the platform to sell their services




Nigeria, England


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