ClickPesa is payment services provider based out in Tanzania. By connecting existing mobile wallets and bank accounts to facilitate payments, ClickPesa unifies payments services on one platform for businesses in Africa. The platform is mainly aimed at removing complexities and challenges that SMEs go through in their day-to-day transactions.

Recently, ClickPesa entered into a partnership with Dutch Payment facilitator Ai2 to provide farmers in Tanzania a quicker and cheaper way to receive payments from buyers in Western Europe.

Some of the benefits of using ClickPesa include cost savings, improved speed for payment settlements, business efficiency and accounting improvements.


Clickpesa offers four solutions:

  • e-Invoice – The e-Invoice solution allows small business owners to create and send invoices within seconds and receive payments instantly.
  • e-Bureau de Change – Customers can exchange currencies conveniently within the application
  • In-store and online payments – This automates payment process for merchants allowing them to offer seamless experience for customers
  • Bulk payments – For multiple transactions and real-time reporting





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