Go Further With Blockchain

Find the best path to build amazing blockchain solutions.

Ledger Africa provides turnkey consulting solutions for blockchain companies.

Our blockchain consulting services helps you tackle blockchain challenges, address strategic problems and optimize growth.

Work with us.

Strategy and Planning

Our blockchain consulting team helps you set the right goals for your blockchain company and develop better strategies to achieve them.

Blockchain Infrastructure

We have a vibrant team of experts in blockchain technology who are eager to help you build and deploy custom-built protocols, cryptocurrency wallets, and Dapps. 

Opportunity and Risk Management

From developing workable business models to conducting research, LedgerAfrica provide you with relevant, reliable, timely information about opportunities and risks of blockchain implementation.

PR and Marketing

We know firsthand the demands of developing blockchain solutions. We provide turnkey blockchain marketing and support so you can accelerate business growth.

Steps to Building Blockchain Applications


First,  assess your organization and industry in order to pinpoint key areas blockchain might be applied to make the process better.

Proof of concept

Next, develop a proof-of-concept (POC) to demonstrate that the solution is financially viable and scalable.

Field trial

After the proof-of-concept, the next task involves putting real data into production by initiating a blockchain pilot. 

Full-volume roll-out

Once your clients become comfortable with using the solution and are happy with the testing process, it is time to go to market.

Get the best insights on blockchain implementation based on a critical assessment of your business goals and industry.

We have unique perspectives and skill sets to help you find the best possible ways to incorporate blockchain into your business model.

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