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Ledger Africa publishes unbiased and insightful news and features about blockchain technology and its adoption across Africa continent and beyond. We explore blockchain use cases in critical industries as well as blockchain regulations and trends.

Blockchain is the technology that underpins cryptocurrency and there are several sites out there covering cryptocurrency. LedgerAfrica.com is exclusively focused on blockchain technology, and so we do not cover cryptocurrency. However, if the business aspect of the crypto firm is of interest or if the project is credible, we will write about it.

Though the emphasis is blockchain innovation and adoption in Africa, blockchain developments in other regions are also critical to our coverage.

Ledger Africa platform offers the following content:

  • The latest blockchain news in critical industries such as supply chain, retail, finance, automotive, energy, and technology industries
  • A bi-weekly newsletter to get the most recent Africa blockchain news directly in your inbox
  • Educational features to help you easily understand blockchain technology and how it can benefit your business
  • In-depth research and insights to help you identify the right blockchain solution for your company use case
  • A listing of leading blockchain  platorms and companies that can you can engage to bring your blockchain solutions to life.
  • Insights on emerging technology and trends based on African companies, people and leaders.

Feedback from our readers is much appreciated. We welcome any questions, suggestions, and partnerships. Please get in touch here to submit your inquiry.

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The Ledger Africa Team

Vincent Olago – Managing Editor

Vincent Olago brings 6 years of experience in helping blockchain companies bring their ideas to life. He supports startups to tackle blockchain challenges, address strategic problems and optimize growth. Vincent is passionate about entrepreneurship and the potential of disruptive blockchain technologies to reshape our world

Email: vincent (at) ledgerafrica (dot) com | Follow @Vincent

Ray Battrick – Contributing Author

Ray Battrick is a certified blockchain expert and FinTech copywriter who is devoted to helping companies build blockchain-based applications for their business. Ray also excels in creating persuasive content for a wide range of products, including financial technology, business blockchain, investing and more. As an avid technology enthusiast, Ray enjoys writing about business blockchain, AI and IoT.

Email: rayb (at) ledgerafrica (dot) com | Follow @Ray

Powell Omondi – Contributing Author

Powel Omondi is an IT specialist with hands-on experience in digital strategy and system controls evaluation. As an avid technology futuristic, Powell enjoys writing about emerging trends that will shape the technological landscape.

Email powell (at) ledgerafrica (dot) com |Follow @Powell

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